Are They? – Update

Are They? is soon to be underway. I’m currently sorting out exactly what’s happening over the summer, and when I’m exactly moving back home from University for that time. Currently however, I have recreated the poster, making it a little more stylised, and not as messy as the first, and I’m re-thinking both the structure and various elements of the piece.

It’s going to contain more ‘me,’ as I now own a Samsung NX300 (which I used to photograph my GameBoy Color for the poster), and thought I should utilise it more. As well as using stock news footage and E3 footage for various means throughout the short, I am going to utilise Garry’s Mod purely for visually representing metaphors, of which I am still yet to write. I’m actually still to write any of it actually. Onwards.

Sarah – The Assignment Edit

This is the ‘Assignment’ (4min) edit of a short film titled Sarah which I’ve worked on for the past two months or so, as both the Director of Photography and the Editor.

“Micah is contemplating suicide after the break up. A disembodied voice behind his bedroom door leads him back on track, and back out into the world.”

Starring Benny Townley as Micah.
Alex Shinnick as Sarah.
Tom Greedy as the Voice.

Written and Directed by Michael F-Richards.
Director of Photography/Edited by Rich Hutson.
Sound by Yichuan Huang.
Produced by Sheikh Shah-Nawaz.

The reason why I’ve subtitled this The Assignment Edit is because the script was so good, and the actors were spectacular, I wouldn’t want to cut down originally a six-and-a-half minute film down to less than four, and lose the real emotion of the text. In that case, in the summer this year, I am going to re-edit the film, and subtitle it the Director’s Cut, as the completed, full film will be a great thing to have under our belt, for both the four of us who made it, and for our three actors.

Sarah & Are They?

Sarah & Are They?

Two new short films, Sarah and Are They? are due to be released in May and at some point during the Summer respectively.

Sarah is a scripted Drama following Micah’s thought process as he wins his release from the clutches of his mind, where as Are They? is a re-make of a Mozilla Popcorn Documentary of my design, exploring and questioning the concept of Video Games being the sole blame for changing behaviour in children in recent decades.

You can read more about Sarah here.
You can read more about Are They? here.

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Sarah – Post Production

A new short film titled Sarah is currently in individual post-production stages. By individual, I mean it was shot by a group of people, but there will be various edits, one by each member of the group. Above is the first fifteen or so seconds of my edit, which will be based around British New Wave (Kitchen Sink) Drama film.

Below is also a poster I created using a shot from the film. I usually make a poster for my films, regardless of how much I have or haven’t done of it.



The Moment

A short ‘People to People’ documentary documenting the story of a music producer from Bulgaria, studying Business Studies at Coventry University.

Directed and Edited by Rich Hutson.
Director of Photography – Michael F-Richards.
Producer – Sheikh Shah-Nawaz.

Special thanks to Marin ‘1dakid Ivanov.
Follow him on twitter, @iam1dakid.

(Only here because it’s Uni work).

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A new and improved Showreel of mine, which I’m rather proud of. My previous attempt at playing with the conventions of a showreel just ended up in four minutes of clips of varying lengths. Like hitting ‘scan’ on your car radio, only to hear ten seconds of one thing before it moves on to the next. Boooorring. So, I jazzed it up with flashy old-school titles, and of course, electro-swing.